One size does not fit all
Generic solutions will not properly solve your problems
Always use reliable and secure technology
No black box
Algorithms must not be opaque

Data intelligence

Data-driven culture
Ability to interpret results and understand the strengths and limitations of algorithms
Test & learn
An agile approach to R&D, constantly improving and building upon high value tools

tailored A.I. algorithm design

At Jalgos, we are convinced that data holds powerful hidden insights with huge potential to transform businesses and humankind. We believe that a rigorously scientific approach is critical in effectively revealing and harnessing the power of data. Our team is dedicated to innovation, mathematical modeling and computer science, organised as an applied research center specialised in artificial intelligence, data science and algorithm design.

Our convictions

Open Source

Open source and open research are in our DNA. We favour open source environments and technologies for their reliability, and contribute to various projects by sharing some of our proprietary technology with the community.


We believe it is critical to take into account fundamental issues and dilemmas emerging as AI advances. Deeply ingrained in our identity, ethical and philosophical concerns guide us in our choice of topics, our approach to innovation, the courses we give and our contributions to think tanks and organisations.


As an R&D lab specialised in AI and cognitive computing, scientific rigour and proven performance drives our approach. We master our algorithms’ finest details, allowing us to provide accurate, reliable and transparent solutions. Laboratoire de R&D spécialisé en IA et informatique cognitive, notre démarche est guidée par la rigueur scientifique et la performance sur le terrain. Nous maîtrisons les moindres détails de nos algorithmes, ce qui nous permet de fournir un travail précis, fiable et transparent.

The important thing is not to stop questioning.
Albert Einstein

We have earned their trust

90% of the world's data was created in the last
two years
1/20th of this data is being analysed

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